The “Apple of Our Eye”
Written by Pastor Bill Walden   

CapOur family lived on an acre of land between two lakes in a suburb of Shoreview, north of St. Paul, MN.  The land boasted many mature trees, but the “apple of our eye” was a magnificent Beacon apple tree. It was quite old for an apple tree, but I believe it must have forgotten its age because it produced a bountiful crop of delicious fruit year after year.

appletreeIts branches spanned about 35 feet, and in the spring it bloomed with a dome of pink and white flowers that fragranced the entire yard with its inviting aroma. Every year, the tree provided us with more than enough fruit to share with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The apples were incredibly delicious, they just burst with flavor, the juices literally dripping with each bite.

Then one year, I noticed it was loaded with small apples, and its foliage was full, however upon closer examination I noticed the tree was overrun with caterpillar-type worms, which were devouring the leaves. My wife and I did not want to use a pesticide that would corrupt its fruit, so we were in quite the dilemma. We talked it over, and decided to pray and ask the Lord to intercede for our beautiful tree. The fol  lowing morning we were awakened by the rushing noise of noisy, chirping birds. We looked out our kitchen window and saw hundreds of birds devouring the worms!  It was a miracle with supernatural flair. God saved our tree, the fruit and gave us a story to share through the ages of His grace, mercy, and love.

Even in the “small” things we are to seek Him. My wife and I were so very grateful. Nature itself praises Him — the birds with their singing, the trees with their reaching (as hands held high) and waving in the wind — how much more so should we, as the creation that He loves as the “apple of His eye,” offer Him our praises? PivotPointEndingBug

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