Guilt by Association
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapKids—they’re charming by default. Sure, they have their moments when they can frustrate you beyond the brink of sanity, but then there are those times that they simply melt your heart.  They inspire love by reflex, and hold you to it; my own little nephew being no exception.

Last year, (5-years-old at the time) he was shopping with my mom and sister at the local K-Mart, and they were browsing the jewelry cases.  He spotted a man’s ring, gold with a black stone that sported a gold cross in the center.  He pointed it out to my mom, “Look Nanny, that Aunt Tammy girl would like that!”

(No, I don’t know why he refers to me as “that Aunt Tammy girl,” part of his childish charm I guess.)  When relaying the story to me, my mom chuckled and said, “He associates you with Jesus.”

Whoa, what was meant to be a casual compliment actually scared me to death. Because, let me tell you, I am NOT the one!

arsinI immediately understood his reasoning behind the association.  He had been in awe of my cross necklace, which has a depiction of the crucified Christ on it.  He would finger it gently, asking me over and over, “That’s Jesus?” and climb up in my lap asking me to sing him “The Jesus Song,” aka, ‘Victory in Jesus.’

How precious those moments, those opportunities, the questions he would ask and the stories he would beg me to tell.  However, my life, me an influence by example?  Well... now that was totally different, and that little soul I wanted no responsibility for – I love him too much.

So, as the realization of my mother’s words weighed against me (and I prayed for God to give this child better role models unto Himself than me), I realized that he was not the only one seeing me for who I represent.  I wear that cross everywhere, I am quite open about my faith. Who else associates me with Jesus?

It is a terrifying thought, a great responsibility, and my calling. I have been called to reflect and direct others to Christ.

If you are a Believer, so have you.  This is our greatest purpose, our mission.  We are not perfect, but we worship a perfect God.  We are not without shortcomings, but we worship a God who can never fall short. We are not God, but we are reflections of Him.


How clear is that reflection? That is my challenge... and yours too.  Who associates you with Jesus?

If we are known by those we associate with, then it is my hope and prayer that others too will find reason to associate me with Jesus. PivotPointEndingBug

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