Bringing Fast Cars and Faith Together for the Ultimate Win
Written by Matt Rose   


rCapDag racing is a huge part of what our family does. From the time my brother, sister, and I were born, there has always been a race car in our family. My dad, Chuck Rose, was a product of the muscle car era of the 50s and 60s and therefore, working on cars and racing them was part of what made him tick.

Chuckstaginglanes4I have a lot of fond memories spending time in the late 70s through most of the 80s at Thunder Valley in Marion, South Dakota, watching Dad race his ’68 Dodge Dart GTS. Helping Dad wash his race car, handing him tools, lining up Hot Wheels cars with my brother Brad and racing them down the race car trailer, and trying to sneak our way into the viewing tower to watch the races were all a part of the experience.

RoseTeamKNBecause we spent so many summer weekends at the race track, it also meant we missed a lot of Sundays at church. We grew up learning the importance of putting God first in our lives and ultimately accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Although I was a Christian, I look back and realize there was not much that separated me from the rest of my non-Christian friends. 

Throughout my college years, not much was different, but I did study hard, eventually married and settled down with a family. It hasn’t always been easy, but thankfully God has placed some awesome people in my life that have helped shape my journey as a Christian man. First of all, there’s my wife, Traci.  She is my best friend, and her own journey as a Christian has certainly been a blessing to me and our three children. I am also very blessed to have some Christian men as friends that I can count on and encourage one another.... and of course, I had great Christian parents as role models in my father Chuck and mother Nancy.

About 5 years ago, I told my dad that I was interested in getting into drag racing. All the years while I was in college and raising my family and growing my business, my dad and brother, Brad, were drag racing.  Now that my kids were a little older and I felt I could afford it, now was the time for me to try my hand at this. Boy, have things come full circle! Now my kids get to spend time with their dad at the drag strip just like I did when I was growing up. I never planned on this, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. Most of all I enjoy getting to spend time with my family. Now we have four race cars and compete in the NHRA and travel all over the country.


One thing that hasn’t changed is if you’re going to be involved in racing, then you had better get used to being gone on the weekends, which means missing a lot of Sundays at church. That’s where Racers for Christ comes in. RFC is a ministry that allows those of us at the race track to come together for worship and fellowship. The RFC ministry’s goal is to use the world of motorsports as a tool to bring individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. RFC Logo ColorRFC meetings are held on either Saturday evenings after racing is done or Sunday mornings before racing begins.  Whether we’ve had a chance to get cleaned up or still have grease under our fingernails from working on the cars, we try to make it to all the RFC gatherings at each event. No, we don’t get dressed up in our Sunday finest, but the worship and Biblical learning is real all the same. RFC and our RFC division chaplain, Stan Roche and his wife, Terri, are a blessing to our family and all the other racers. Just like it’s important to feed your body, it’s just as important to feed your soul — and the RFC ministry does that each weekend that we’re at the races. 

RFCprayerIt is a blessing to have the RFC chaplains and pastors walking through the staging lanes during the races praying with the racers for safety. The messages they share during the chapel services are a great reminder of how blessed we are to get to do what we do as racers and also keep things in perspective.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in all the horsepower and winning races and lose sight of what’s most important: win or lose, it’s all for the glory of God; and we thank Him that He allows us to experience the joy of racing!


CelticsBoywithdragsterOne of our favorite events is the car show that we put on with some of our racing friends at the Omaha Children’s Hospital. Not only do we get to show off the race cars to the kids, but thanks to some help from our sponsors, K&N, Smith Bros. Pushrods, Hoosier, Aerospace Components, MSD, Signal 88 Security, Lucas Oil, ISI technologies and RBC Wealth Management, we provide them with backpacks full of goodies.

ChildinDragsterWhat a joy for us to be able to bring some smiles to these kids’ and their families’ faces in the midst of pain and suffering that they’re going through. 
Faith, family, and racing.... that’s what it’s all about.
Thanks Team RFC! PivotPointEndingBug
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